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explore our nations education crisis

Upon making progress in Baltimore, it was clear that inner cities across the country faced similar challenges, and we decided something had to be done. We strongly believe that every child deserves the best education possible, and it’s our mission to ensure that occurs.

Crisis in Education was born out of a multi-year investigation into Baltimore City Schools, where students were counted as present, despite not being in class. Students were being passed on to the next grade level and ultimately graduating with 0.13 GPAs. The complete failures of educators and leaders within the education system prompted a series of town halls to engage and inform parents and, ultimately, a lawsuit against the school district to bring change and educate the kids of Baltimore, so that they may have the best opportunity to compete in today’s globally competitive workforce.

Click on image below to learn more about the crisis in Baltimore.

Crisis in the Classroom

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provides captivating, insightful content that exposes the harsh realities of the current state of education in the United States and its repercussions on underserved and marginalized communities. We intend to file lawsuits to

challenge and ultimately assist educational districts with a path forward.

Despite tens of thousands of dollars spent per student in urban cities across the United States, the education system's failures in our cities still need to meet the mark and expectation of educating the next generation.

Those failures have led to the following:

  • Low educational expectations.

  • Increased and sustained poverty.

  • Inability to compete for jobs in the marketplace.

  • Increase and sustained gun violence and drugs.

explore our nations education crisis

Watch clips from some of our interviews and Townhalls to learn more about the crisis that our public schools and their students are facing across our nation. 

explore the international education crisis

The crisis in education is not just affecting our nation but is prevalent worldwide.

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